How Much Should You Pay for Kitchen Appliance Repairs?

A typical kitchen appliance repair work may cost one to a few thousand dollars. This is because electricians and appliance repair companies charge $45 to $120 per hour for home appliance repairs. They also add a service charge, which ranges go as high as $200 per visit.

The kitchen is where most of a home’s electrical appliances are found. You have there the refrigerator, stove, microwave, and garbage disposal, to name a few. This means that your power outlets should be always up-to-code. Improperly installed electrical wiring poses a serious risk of fire damage. To guarantee the good functionality of your electrical kitchen appliances, you need to consult with a licensed and certified electrician.

Simple Kitchen Appliance Repairs that You Can Do

To ease up the burden of paying too much for kitchen appliance repair, try to learn simple electrical stuff on your own. Tackle the small repairs in your kitchen, such as changing bulbs and rewiring pot lights. The trick is to always turn off the power, use the proper tools, don’t rush, and be confident that you know what you’re doing. Then you shouldn’t have issues.

Installing or fixing large appliances is trickier. For example, repairing an electrical range requires working with a 250- or 125-volt circuit. If these are the home appliances in question, then you’re better off delegating the job to the experts.

Why Hire the Experts?

More complicated kitchen appliance repair has a higher risk of a short circuit which may cause serious injury or even death. It’s definitely not worth it to do any bigger job just to save a few thousand bucks. Consider looking for reputable Boise appliance repair centers if you’re having problems with your oven, refrigerator, or dishwasher.

Hiring a professional begins by finding a reputable contractor with practical knowledge in doing kitchen appliance repairs. Some repair companies are kitchen-specific and they charge accordingly. It’s best that you consult with them to be assured of expertise on the job.

Exploring Your Other Options

There are general appliance repairmen that may offer a lower price and you may consult with them as well. However, they may not be as knowledgeable about complicated kitchen appliances like dishwashers, refrigerators, dryers, garbage disposals, washing machines, and any other home appliances that mix water with electricity.

Before you hire these technicians, be sure to double check their experience, knowledge, capacity, insurance, and license. You need a professional who knows how to handle electricity and water because of the very real risk of accidental electrocution.

How Much Skilled Electricians Charge?

The rate of certified electricians is at $45 to $60 per hour. Electrical contractors, on the other hand, typically charge $75 to $120 per hour. These numbers may sound like a lot, but paying for experience and knowledge is preferable to paying a cheaper price for subpar services. If a professional electrician says he charges lesser than $30 an hour, be skeptical about hiring him. Make a list of all reputable electricians and technicians in your area so as to hire the best candidate for the job.

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