How to Clean a Clogged Drain

Having a clogged drain in the bathroom or kitchen is such a nuisance, especially if you’re doing using the sink. If you ever find yourself in a situation like this, there are quick DIY things you can do to fix your clogged drain. In this article, we will show how to clean a clogged drain Erie PA. 

1. Treating the Odorous Drain 

If you smell odor coming off from the drain, treat with a ½ cup of baking soda and followed by ½ cup of white vinegar. Cover the drain and let wait for 15 minutes before you put boiling water down the drain. You can also clean the stains with a solution of vinegar and baking soda.  

2. Treating Dirty Drains 

Don’t wait until your drain gets clogged. Regular preventative measures can be done so the drain smells nice and doesn’t get dirty too. Use biological cleaner because it is safe for the drain and environment. Just follow the instructions on the packaging.  

3. Scour Out the Disposal 

If you have a garbage disposal that’s working well but doesn’t smell great, you can clean it with ice cubes, salt and lemon peels. The smell might be because of the bacteria and organic reside that build ups on the grinders. Let the garbage disposal grind the mixture so the build-up is going to be scoured out.  

4. Unclogging the Drain 

You can use a plunger to unclog the tubs and sinks. Fill the tub or sink with water and let it cover the drain and bottom. Press the plunger over the drain, the way you do with the clogged toilets. Give several quick pumps to unclog the drain. You can also use a barbed plastic for the blogs near the opening of the drain. Slide the tool and then pull it out. The build-up like hair will be pulled out.  

To blow out the blogs, you can use water or gas powered cleaners to blast the clogs out. If you use the latter, just make sure the device fits in the drain. If you use the former, use an adapter to attach it the faucet you have indoors. If you don’t know to how to use all these or if the situation is really worse, you can call a plumber to take care of it.  

5. Clear Deep Clogs 

There are deep clogs that can’t be removed with the mentioned methods. But you can do so by using a plumber’s snake or cable auger. You can rent these tools or but inexpensive ones in the store. First, remove the trap under the sink. Next, push the auger cable into the pipe opening. Keep cranking the auger so wire will lodge firmly in the clog. Turn the crank the other way so the auger will be withdrawn from the pipe. After this, you can test the drain if the process is successful. Repeat the process if necessary. Remember if you don’t know how to use auger or plumber’s snake, you can call a professional plumber.  

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