What is the Best Truck for Towing?

Well-equipped, professional and reputable recovery and towing companies only use high quality and truly dependable towing equipment as well as tool configurations that are designed for certain situations in order to make sure that the towing service will be done in the right and safest way. Thus, since the ease of access as well as the sizes of vehicles might vary considerably, the full-service recovery and towing companies should employ a wide range of Fort Myers towing trucks as well as accessories in order to manage any challenge. 


In certain regions, all kinds of cars travel at truly high speeds over rain and often winding as well as ice-slicked roads that might be several miles away from the nearest community. And, in some instances, more high-quality and powerful trucks that have specialized equipment might be mandatory in order to accomplish a certain recovery. 

What is the Most Ideal Type of Tow Truck? 

The most ideal type of tow truck for certain situation actually depends on some factors. As a matter of fact, what works for an average passenger car broken down along the roadside might not totally work for an tractor trailed that is overturned in a ditch. Trying to have the latter rescued using a low capacity tow truck can really be dangerous and ineffective. 

Factors that Determine the Most Ideal Recovery and Tow Truck for a Specific Situation are the following: 

Weight and type: tractor trailer, heavy duty-track, pick-up, camper, passenger car? 

Orientation: Turned over or upright? 

Distance from the surface of the road: Some distance down the slope or on the berm? 

Damage level: No damage or minimal damage may require different approaches compared to a highly damaged car, in which some or even all wheels are actually not functioning anymore. 

Types of Recovery and Towing Truck 


Flat beds tow trucks are actually equipped with hydraulics, which let the flat bed tilt into its ramp mode, drive or pull the automobile onto the bed, as well as return to a horizontal manner afterwards.  This method is actually very simple and safe, minimizing any potential damage to your vehicle. 

Chain and Hook 

Tow trucks that are equipped with a chain and hook devices have actually been used for many decades, even though they are mainly used for totally wrecked cars today. As a matter of fact, the process is to attach the accessories and hook to the axle or front end of the vehicle, and then lift as well as tow. The problem with this is that this kind of method in towing has already proven to be very damaging to the car and can also compromise all the four-wheel and all-wheel drive systems. 


The wheel-lift towing systems are actually very common most especially in normal passenger towing. In order to do this, a yoke type apparatus wraps around the rear or front wheels without touching any metal part. The towing vehicle simply drives and lifts away. The operator of this kind of tow truck will lift the car through the drive wheels whenever possible in order to prevent any damage to the drive system as well as the transmission. 

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